After decades of joyfully toiling in kitchens across the Western world, Massimo Capra's wears his well earned reputation, as one of Canada's beloved chefs, as an apron, stained with the memories of a crazy kid who once dreamed of arts school but was drawn to the kitchen. These precious early years of Capra's life were framed by the ancient walls of the Italian large scale dairy farm his father diligently worked on. While the family was cash poor they were food rich.

In Cremona, sun warmed days grew a lush landscape where the finest foods were produced and the town's reputation was that of the epicenter of good cuisine. Here, fresh cream was considered a rare treat, climbing trees to select the ripest fruit was a regular adventure, and cooling watermelons in the river that ran next to the family's farm house was a necessity.

Amongst these memories, Capra's inherit mastery of food ran wild until his 16th year when teacher and mentor, Chef Gianni Fanzaghi, told him, "It's nice to have fun but you have to put your head down and work". The table was set, the meal about to commence and from that moment on, the crazy kid was Chef.
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