Who is Massimo Capra?

Italian expatriate Massimo Capra is the Chef co-owner of Mistura Restaurant and Sopra Upper Lounge, two well-known restaurants in Toronto, offering fine contemporary Italian cuisine and live music venue.

Born near Cremona, Italy, Massimo climbed the career ladder by working in Italy’s best restaurants and hotels. His culinary training began at the National Culinary Institute in Salsomaggiore, Parma and from there he moved on to the Trattoria dell' Amelia in Mestre, Venice, considered one of the best restaurants in Italy at the time. He spent several years in various Hotels such as Hotel Royal in Courmayeur, Val d’Aosta, a luxury class hotel at the foot of Monte Bianco, Hotel Savoy and Drei Tannen restaurant in San Martino di Castrozza in the dolomite. He worked for three years under contract with Gallia Hotels; staging between the entire properties which included the famous Excelsior Gallia Hotel and Cavour Hotel in Milan, Rio Envers Hotel in San Sicario an exclusive community in the Alps and the Excelsior Gallia Hotel in Punta Ala, a very exclusive community in Toscana.

Yearning to work overseas, Massimo boarded a plane in 1982 and landed in Toronto to work at, “Archer’s,” a restaurant owned by a relative, since Archer’s was noted as a “social” restaurant, Massimo used his experience there to master the English language and his own style.

In 1989, he met Michael Carlevale of famed Prego della Piazza and was offered a position as chef. “Prego” became one of the most important restaurants in Toronto during his nine-year stay there. Working with Michael Carlevale, Massimo helped develop the concept of Carlevale’s Black & Blue Restaurant and Byzantium.

In 1997, Massimo felt the urge for something different, and he merged forces with Paolo Paolini, formerly of Splendido Restaurant.

Mistura Restaurant was opened in October, 1997, to a very receptive public. The exclusive SOPRA UPPER LOUNGE is the latest addition to Massimo’s list; since August of 2006 Sopra has become a favorite among many of Toronto live music lovers.

Author of “One Pot Italian” and the newly released “Three Chefs, the kitchen men”, Chef Capra regularly writes regularly for “The Globe & Mail” Life section.

Currently Massimo is the brand ambassador for Samsung Home Appliances; he recently completed the opening of “Fraticelli Italian Grill” and is working on the re-branding of the famed restaurant “The Rainbow Room” in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls.

Massimo television work is lengthy and it includes appearances as a regular guest expert on City TV Cityline and as a chef host on the hit series Restaurant Makeover on the Food Network. He currently is developing a new show called Gourmet Escape and has appeared on several cooking shows including The Beer Buddies, The Movable Feast, Buddies of the Vine, Christine Cushing Live, Three Takes and many others.
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